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Wardens announce new rector.
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The vestry is the agent and legal representative of the parish in all matters concerning its corporate property and the relations of the parish to its clergy. It consists of the rector, the senior warden, the junior warden and 12 members of the parish, who are elected for three-year terms.

The Nominating committee is tasked with identifying candidates for vestry and for diocesan delegates. These candidates fill vital leadership roles in our congregation over the next three years, so it’s important to be informed about what these positions are and what they mean to you:

There are currently seven standing committees of the vestry:

The Finance committee is chaired by the parish treasurer, who has the responsibility for maintaining all parish funds, receiving and disbursing monies in accordance with approved budget, maintaining accounts as prescribed by the Executive Council of the Episcopal General Convention and collaborating with the rector in the preparation of the annual parochial report to the bishop of Washington. Membership on the Finance committee is open to vestry and non-vestry members.

The Governance committee is a vestry committee appointed to examine and suggest ways to improve the work of the vestry and vestry committees, to develop leadership in the parish and to support the work of non-vestry parish committees. It is responsible for ensuring that the governance of the parish is in conformity with the parish bylaws and that the bylaws accurately reflect the requirements of the Episcopal General Convention and the Episcopal Diocese of Washington.

The New Leadership committee is charged with helping to identify the next generation of leaders within our parish.

The Nominating committee is charged by the parish bylaws with proposing candidates to stand for election to the vestry and as delegates to the diocese. The committee consists of 8-12 parishioners led by two members of the vestry. Committee members are expected to educate themselves and the parish on the offices to be filled and the skills and talents required, and then gather and recruit the required number of candidates. The committee also takes the lead in publicizing the candidates and their qualifications, and reporting on the results of the elections, which are held during the annual parish meeting.

The Rector Evaluation Format committee has been tasked with formalizing the outline for vestry feedback to the rector.

The Stewardship committee is responsible for encouraging members of the parish to be good stewards of the resources God has given us, in particular our resources of time, talent and treasure. The Stewardship committee leads the parish’s annual stewardship campaign, which raises the funds needed to maintain the church property, pay the salaries of clergy and staff and support the ministry of the church. Non-vestry members are encouraged to participate in the Stewardship committee.

The Transition committee has been assisting the vestry with smoothing the transition to a new rector.

Photo: Barbara McGowan

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