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Inclement Weather Policy

For the most up-to-date information on scheduled activities, please call the parish office at 202-363-4119.  If the automated attendant answers the phone, select option 9.

During periods of inclement weather, a liberal leave policy will be in effect for staff.  So, while the parish may be open, individual activities, meetings, etc. may still be cancelled due to a staff member’s inability to get safely to the church.  It’s best to call the parish office for current information.

On weekdays, St. Columba’s follows the DC Public Schools.  If they are closed, the parish is closed and all activities are cancelled (same for delayed openings).  All activities scheduled before the delayed opening time are cancelled.  All activities beginning after the delayed opening time will occur as scheduled.

On Sundays, while individual activities (Forum, Sunday School, meetings, etc.) might be canceled, worship services will occur as scheduled (except in very extreme conditions) and parishioners are asked to use their best judgment as to whether they can safely get to church. Call for the most up-to-date operational information.

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September through May:
Mon. through Thurs.,
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Please note that clergy are generally off on Fridays.

From the desk of ...

The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin,
rector of St. Columba's Episcopal Church
Washington, DC


November 16, 2015
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Our Celebration of New Ministry yesterday afternoon was a glorious occasion in the life of St. Columba's. It all came together because of the care, creative preparation, and good work of so many. Thank you!

Thank you to Mike, Santos, and Elena who made sure our property was clean and welcoming--this, following immediately after Saturday's celebration of the life of Constance Azzi and the Rite 13 dinner and presentation.

Thank you to Dustin, Paul, Barbara, Ka, Elizabeth, and Rachid who coordinated, prepped, produced and publicized.

Thank you to all the clergy and staff who share with me in guiding and supporting the ministry of St. Columba's.

Even though they're not on the distribution list for this letter, thank you to family, friends, clergy, colleagues and neighbors who came to rejoice with us. Thank you Claire for a brilliantly inspiring sermon. Thank you Mariann for your presence and your leadership of this diocese.

Thank you to Wayne, John and their masterful team of vergers, sacristans, acolytes and assorted liturgical ministers who choreographed, assisted and paraded.

Thank you to ushers who opened our doors; thank you to the Altar Guild and to the Flower Guild for brilliant arrangements.

Thank you to Jay for a newly commissioned piece of music, to Henry and the bellringers, to the choirs in your glory--I loved that sung psalm and "Sure On This Shining Night"--and to John and Diane for your creative leadership of all things musical.

Thank you to Lisa, Prentiss, Jennifer and countless others who hosted our festive reception.

Thank you to representatives of each and every ministry who participated with your presence and prayers.

Thank you to parishioners of every generation for your enthusiasm, your hopefulness and your generous commitment to our new ministry together.

Thank you to Patty, Rick and the Search committee for faithful ministry now complete; to Lane, Elizabeth and the vestry for faithful ministry on the horizon of a new day.


November 3, 2015
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

It has been a joy to read the letters of introduction you have been sending. I am honored and humbled by the openness and honesty with which many of you have written. I have yet to respond to each of the more than seventy-five letters or emails I’ve received thus far; bear with me, I will indeed answer your letter. (And, when you see me next, please understand if I don’t recall all the details of your life story!)

From my first conversations with the search committee and the vestry, and from reading your parish profile, I was thrilled at the prospect of joining you in ministry. Having been at St. Columba’s for two months, met a great many of you, and received these wonderful letters, I am more thrilled than ever. We’re off to a rollicking good start!

I’m glad to receive new letters any time; there’s no deadline. A couple of you with younger kids had the wisdom to ask your child to write on behalf of the family…

Please come to the Rector’s Forum this Sun., Nov. 8, at 10:15 am.
Even though I have yet to meet many of you and have much to learn about our current ministries and activities, I’ve been listening and observing with eagerness and care–usually with thanks and in awe for the dynamism of this congregation.

I’ve shared some of my initial observations and ideas with the wardens and vestry, and would like to share these with you. Several particular areas of focus are coming into view–things that I would like to attend to in my first year as rector. Please join me this Sunday at 10:15 am.

You are invited!
Please also plan to come to “The Celebration of Our Ministry with the Welcoming of a New Rector and Commissioning of the Congregation” at 4 pm on Sun., Nov. 15. Join us to mark the beginning of a new season in the life and ministry of St. Columba’s Church. (Note:  There will be a schedule change for Sunday services on Sun., Nov. 15. We will follow the Summer Schedule for Sunday morning services: 8 am Eucharist; 9:15 am Eucharist for families with preschool children; and 10:30 am Eucharist. There will be no Sunday School.

I look forward to seeing you …


October 21, 2015
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

You are invited to “The Celebration of Our Ministry with the Welcoming of a New Rector and Commissioning of the Congregation” at 4 pm on Sun., Nov. 15. Please join us to mark the beginning of a new season in the life and ministry of St. Columba’s Church.

We welcome family, friends, and neighbors from near and far. We welcome our bishop, the Right Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde; our guest preacher, the Rev. Claire Nevin-Field, rector of St. Peter’s, Philadelphia and our colleagues and partners in ministry.

The liturgy of the day is an occasion to welcome me, the Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin, as your new rector, and to celebrate the ministry we share through St. Columba’s. Together, we are the body of Christ, each of us blessed with gifts needed for the well-being of the whole, and the exercise of our calling as disciples of Christ. Our liturgy includes a presentation of gifts symbolizing our shared and common ministry. Your presence, participation and prayers are vital.

This service is sometimes referred to as “an installation” but this suggests an arrangement that is permanent, stationary and contrary to the dynamism of our ministry. Let us instead consider this “a commissioning” in which we are sent forth anew. Together with our bishop, let us consider our neighbors near and far with fresh eyes and hearts; let us consider anew with whom we might serve and how we might be called to be the embodiment of Christ in the world. Together let us pray that God shall lead us deeper in faith, to be courageous in love.

Please join us! I join with the wardens, vestry and people of St. C’s in wishing you ...


September 13, 2015

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

It was exhilarating to be among you on my first Sunday here at St. Columba's. Thank you for your enthusiastic and gracious welcome.

I am eager to get to know you. You can help tremendously by sending me a note (by post or email) introducing yourself and/or the members of your household. Please tell me whatever you'd like me to know about you. Include a photo if you can. If you're willing, I would love it if you would share something about your journey in faith.

This can come later, but as I get to know you and this congregation, I'm eager to learn your perspective on the question I asked at the Sunday Forum: What courageous acts and/or deeply passionate acts of faith has this congregation taken? Perhaps it was an act taken by the entire congregation, perhaps the act of a single person or two–a member of the congregation. What was at stake? Why did you/we/they take that risk? What was the outcome? How did/do you see the Spirit in this act? (Please send me your responses by post or email)

I look forward to journeying together in faith.



Mailing Address:

The Rev. Ledlie Laughlin

St. Columba's Episcopal Church

4201 Albemarle Street, NW

Washington, DC 20016

September 8, 2015

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
It is a great joy and an honor for me to accept your call to come and serve among you as your rector. From my first engagement with representatives of your search committee, then reflecting in prayer, conversing with others, and meeting with your wardens and vestry, I have found myself called to say "yes!" to this ministry with you. From everything I know and have experienced of St. Columba's, both past and present, I sense an overwhelming extraordinary potential; I sense that you are a community eager to serve the world as children of God and disciples of Christ.

With twenty-five years of experience in parishes of all sorts, I believe that I offer an abiding, potent and infectious faith in Jesus Christ, an invitational and consensual style of leadership formed in strong relationships with others, an ability to lead and manage complex systems, a deep commitment to justice in our society, a gentle and wise pastoral sensibility, a conviction that The Episcopal Church is a vital and potentially vibrant expression of the grace of God and a fresh perspective to offer St. Columba's.

I want to get to know you, each and every one of you. I know that each of you is marvelously blessed with gifts from God and I trust that you, like me, are seeking to discern those gifts and to use them for your own fulfillment and as a blessing to others around you. As I come and minister among you, I look forward to discerning together who and what God may be calling St. Columba's to be and do in the future. Even as we gather in community, and in praise of God, we will continually turn our eyes and hearts outward in response to the needs of the world around us.

We're going to dream and plan; cast visions; give deeply of our own gifts and resources; worship and sing; tend to the needs of one another; feed and be fed. Have I said yet that we're going to have fun? We'll have fun; we'll be joyous, joyful, generous Christians seeking together to embody the love of God and walk in the Way of Christ Jesus. Are you ready? I believe I am-both ready and eager to join you.

I look forward to meeting you on Sun., Sept. 13 or in the days and weeks immediately thereafter.


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