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One Sunday each month, we continue to pursue an inspirational series of "Faith Stories" when we hear from a member of the St. Columba's community. Each of us has a unique faith journey. We each struggle with what it means to follow Christ, we each live out our faith in different ways, some very public and some private. Faith Stories are a way to share our journey with fellow parishioners, to hear different faith journeys and to get to know each other better.

Faith Stories from the St. Columba's Community

Woody Turner
"So my faith journey begins in Nashville, TN at a large Methodist church, in a city known as the “buckle on the bible belt,” or the “Protestant Vatican.” …  Now as a Protestant, I was raised to accept our direct access to God through a shared priesthood of all believers ... More simply put, I was born with this great gift of having God essentially on speed dial 24/7 ..." More>

Susan DeWitt
“Growing up I didn’t think much about my faith. My father was in the foreign service, and I lived most of my childhood and early teen years in Mexico, Brazil, Columbia and Ecuador. With the exception of my fourth and fifth grade years ...
we only went to church when we were visiting grandparents in the states." More> MP3

Inga Blust
"Is my faith really deep enough to talk about? Do I have a vocabulary to make what I feel sound spiritual enough? Is my faith strong enough to be examined deeply? My faith did not come to me as a transformational experience; it's been with me since childhood. I think of it as a kind of smoldering fire that every now and then sparks up ..." More> MP3

Bob Broeksmit
"This notion of sharing a faith story with a large group is anathema to a repressed WASP like me. My father’s sister told me that the most emotional thing ever said in my grandparents’ household, where she and my father were raised, was 'pass the salt and pepper.'" More> MP3

Dick Dowd
"I am going to tell you about a life-changing event that led to a conversion experience for me. I had suffered a massive stroke about thirty years ago. The context is important. Terry and I were empty nesters. We were very involved in our careers. We drove into work together and drove back home together. Whoever had to work latest ... " More> MP3

Terry Dowd
"My husband, Dick and I came to St. Columba’s in 1979.
We were in deep distress over our older son’s addiction to alcohol and drugs. Dick needed church. I was angry at God.
I would sit in the back pews and not participate. We were both working in challenging jobs ... the major focus in our lives. In 1987, Dick suffered a major stroke..." More> MP3

Rick Dulaney
“I look out and I see so many of you that I know quite well and who are all part of a larger faith story, but I also see faces I don’t know and I wonder if you might be here for the first time. I thought I would share a small moment that I have come to think of as my first time in church …” More> MP3

John Guenther
When Kate asked me to share my faith story, only one word came to mind … exposed. You see, I’ve listened to faith stories ... moving and eloquent accounts of spiritual journeys and moments of epiphany. I’ve heard those stories and now it’s supposed to be my turn. But what do I have to share ... Do I even have a faith story? More> MP3

Lane Heard
"When Ledlie asked me to tell my faith story in three minutes, it would have been so much easier if he had asked me to tell my church story ... about growing up in a large, downtown Southern Baptist church in Houston, TX ... liberal as Southern Baptists go." More> MP3

Fletcher Jones
"So one thing you should know about me is that I am a sailor. When I was six, my dad bought our first boat and we became a sailing family. We spent every weekend the weather allowed on the water, and to this day, you put me in a
sailboat and I immediately know what to do ..."
More> MP3

Anne Jarman
"Maybe it was a midlife opportunity, not a crisis ...
I came to St. Columba’s in 1992. Eugene Sutton taught us Centering Prayer in 1999. The practice has changed my life. Hear me, the practice has changed my life ... "
More> MP3

Joe Kolar
"I grew up a very lucky child, in a loving Catholic family in Iowa. As a boy, I remember saying the rosary as a family quite often, particularly in the car on the weekly trip home from my grandparent’s house. My mom’s brother was a priest and theologian, and my parents avid readers and debaters, so there was always plenty ..." More> MP3 | Text

Adaline Neely
Our son, Buddy, died February 22, 1992 of AIDS. He was 30 years old. He was a beautiful, energetic, talented little blond boy, the delight of his parents, teachers and especially of his grandfather, “Big Jim.” The years preceding Buddy’s death were very difficult. He went from top honor role at Landon School to living on the streets ... More> MP3 | Text

Elizabeth Pyke
"I grew up in a family of missionaries in China. The story of our family was one of christian commitment and purpose. This would have been fine, except when I was in elementary school, my family, led by my siblings, had migrated from our sleepy little Methodist church to ..." More> MP3

Elizabeth Taylor
"I’m a cradle Episcopalian, which for me meant attending a church in Raleigh, North Carolina that had no life at all. When I was about 12, my mother developed breast cancer. She was terrified and found her way into a fundamentalist evangelical prayer group ... " More> Text

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