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Lent Day of Reflection
Sat., March 8, 2014, 9 am to 3 pm

When I Survey
the Wondrous Cross
Praying with our Lenten Hymns

Led by Dr. Kathleen Staudt and Dr. Raymond Glover

The words of many of our most beloved Lenten hymns can open up new dimensions of the mysteries of our faith, if only we pause to pay attention. Join us for this Lenten Quiet Day as we enter a time of prayer, meditation, reflection and quiet, drawing on both the words and the music of both new and familiar hymns of the season.

Dr. Kathleen Henderson Staudt is a poet, theologian and spiritual director.  Dr. Ray Glover is a musician, liturgist and general editor of The Hymnal 1982.


9:00 • Welcome and Introductions (Great Hall)

9:15 • Morning Prayer (Great Hall)

9:30 • Opening Reflection (Great Hall)

10 to 11:30 • Retreat Time Options:
         • Musical Meditation (church nave)
         • Silence (church nave, Library, Room 202)
         • Group discussion (Great Hall)

11:45 • Noonday Prayer (Great Hall)

12:00 • Lunch (the Common)

12:45 • Second Reflection (Great Hall)

1:15 to 2:30 • Retreat Time Options:
         • Musical Meditation (church nave)
         • Silence (church nave, Library, Room 202)
         • Group discussion (Great Hall)

2:30 • Concluding Eucharist  (church nave)


There is no cost for the program, however, lunch will be provided at a cost of $15 (collected at the lunch hour). We encourage you to invite others! Please contact the Rev. Dr. Peter Antoci (202-363-4119, ext. 243; with questions.

Register online for the Lent Day of Reflection

Downloadable flyer (PDF) about this Day of Reflection

Lent Book Study Groups 2014

Finding God: A Treasury of Conversion Stories

This Lent, our parish has organized small study groups to gather, read and discuss the book, Finding God: A Treasury of Conversion Stories. A compelling collection of faith stories from historical records or modern interviews, which span 2000 years of Christian faith and history. There is much to ponder and discuss in these short accounts of lives of faith and struggle. Individual study groups are forming to meet on specific days of the week and at various locations.

Click below to register for a Lenten Book Study Group on a specific day of the week:
SUNDAY Lenten Book Study Group
MONDAY Lenten Book Study Group
TUESDAY Lenten Book Study Group
WEDNESDAY Lenten Book Study Group
THURSDAY Lenten Book Study Group (Nancy Frankel)

Check back to see if additional groups are formed.

Lent Reflections 2014

Praying Lent

Lent is a time of preparation for Easter. The word is an Old English one for springtime, and it refers to the lengthening of daylight during this season. And so it is a season well framed by practices of spiritual discipline and growth. Each week we will offer four prayerful responses to Sunday’s Gospel lesson. Reflections will include art, music and word. We invite you to experience different learning styles as we “pray Lent” together.

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