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Child care is an important part of our welcome to St. Columba’s youngest members and their families. It offers a place where infants and young children can experience the love and care of this community, and it offers parents an opportunity to give their full attention to worship and other church activities.

Located in Rm 247, on the second floor of the building (Albemarle Street wing), child care is available for infants and children up to age 3 every Sunday morning and for occasional evening services and lectures. Sunday hours are from 8:45 am to 12:45 pm (September through early June) and from 10:15 to 11:45 am during the summer service schedule. Children can stay for any length of time while child care is in operation.

We have three adult child care providers to engage with children. You will be asked to sign in your child, inform the child care workers of any special information and tag your diaper bag. You will be given a beeper in case we need you to return to the child care room.

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Key Points to Remember

It happens. Young children can be distressed at separation times and do miss their parents. That’s a sign of healthy development. Sometimes children cry just because someone else is crying. As long as the good times, exploration and happy play outweigh any crying and distress, we’ll cope. We will come and get you if we think your child is inconsolable and we feel the prospects of change aren’t good. Such situations are always a judgment call and will be handled by the Sunday Supervisor.

Checking In and Checking Out
Everybody seems to come at the same time—the last minute. After all, getting the whole family dressed and ready for church isn’t easy. Please help us keep track of the children and get every child off to a good start. Simple rituals and procedures for coming and going are important to us all.

• Sign in on the room clipboard with first and last name. You will receive a beeper to notify you (it lights up and vibrates) if your child or a caregiver needs you.

• Mark your child’s gear with his or her name.

• Introduce your child to a caregiver.

• When you return, be sure to sign your child out, return the beeper and tell a caregiver you are leaving.

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Contact: Pattie Ames, director of children's ministries

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