St. Columba's Episcopal Church

About Memorial Giving

Any of the plans described on this website can be used to provide gifts in memory of friends or loved ones. Your gift to honor the life of someone who was dear to you can be designated to reflect the interests and talents of that person. We would be glad to discuss with you ways in which such a memorial gift can be recognized at St. Columba’s.

The Iona Society of St. Columba’s was founded to acknowledge and thank those who choose to support the life and work of our church through bequests and planned gifts. Since St. Columba’s founding in 1874, members have included the church in their wills and made other kinds of planned gifts to provide funds for special projects beyond the scope of the annual budget.

Anyone who remembers St. Columba’s in a will or provides for the church in any of the ways will be a member of the Iona Society. Gifts may be for any amount, and may be designated for a specific purpose or left unrestricted to give the church and Vestry flexibility to meet needs that may be unforeseen today. The Iona Society invites you to join the many generous donors whose gifts will help sustain the quality of St. Columba’s programs and support our church’s impact on the wider community for years to come.

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