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July 13, 2017

Asbestos Abatement Notice

In a recent "From the Rector's Desk," Rector Ledlie Laughlin outlined the repair project for fixing the plaster in the Church Nave. While we are still collecting the necessary funds for the plaster repair, we've begun the planning process that would allow us to start the work in…


July 12, 2017

Friday, July 21: Act To Protect Overseas Aid

Get ready to pray, fast, and act  on July 21st for US programs that save lives, alleviate hunger, promote health and respond to disasters around the world.

This month, the Church is highlighting foreign assistance and humanitarian aid. At less than one percent of the federal budget, it has…


June 29, 2017

An Update from Refugee Response Ministry

Thurs., July 20
Making the Soccer Connection  

Join St. C's Refugee Response ministry at a DC United soccer game on Sat., Aug. 12 (7 pm) at RFK Stadium. All are welcome to join in on this fun event and meet the Khwaja family that St. C's has been…


June 29, 2017

Set Sail with St. Columba

With the same adventurous spirit as our patron saint, Columba–the Irish saint who set sail from Derry in 563 to found his monastery on the Scottish island of Iona–Columbans will venture out this summer. Some will find the Columba spirit at the seashore, and some at a local pond or…


June 16, 2017

A Columba Day to be Remembered

On Sun., June 11, 2017, we celebrated a very special edition of the annual Columba Day picnic to honor John Hurd's retirement from his music ministry of 23 years. It was a very full day of festive worship, praise and fellowship, with an outstanding play, great picnic, lively music from King…


June 14, 2017

Summer worship schedule begins June 18

The program year ends with Columba Day, but worship continues through the summer.

We'll switch to a more relaxed rhythm, allowing more time for coffee and fellowship. Services in the Church Nave will be at 8 am, 9:15 am (for preschool children and their families) and 10:30 am. The 9:15…


June 1, 2017

The Water Ministry: Serving our neighbors

Plunge into the Water Ministry this Summer!

Thanks to your generous support, this year the Water Ministry will run through the hot summer months for the first time!

The regular season ends June 9, and we will re-open Mon., June 12 offering a simpler lunch (sandwich, fruit, dessert). Our research…


May 18, 2017


Shazam may not be a proper theological term, but shazam is what we’ll experience at St. Columba’s on the Day of Pentecost – June 4.

Wear red that day because Pentecost is all about the fiery power of the Holy Spirit. Wear red in honor of the bishop’s visit; the…


May 12, 2017

The Generous Gift of Constance Azzi

A generous donation to St. Columba’s, made by Anne Davenport and David Azzi in honor of their mother, Constance Azzi, has been announced by Rector Ledlie Laughlin.

"We are contributing this money in honor of our amazing mother, Constance Azzi,” the message from Anne and David read. “We thought it…


May 6, 2017

Anona Fowler Retires After 38 Years of Dedicated Service

From our Rector ...
Did you know? When you are sick or in need, Anona has prayed for you, has called upon others to pray for you, has found someone to bring you flowers or a meal, or has sent you a handwritten card. Her personal care is…


April 13, 2017

St. Columba’s 2017 Senior Honoree

With great joy, we announce the 2017 St. Columba Senior Honoree is Susan Beale. Seabury Resources and the Washington Cathedral celebrate the many contributions and achievements of our elders each May, with a “Senior Celebration” service. Susan will represent our parish at the Senior Celebration service at the Cathedral on…


April 12, 2017

Columbarium Expansion Project

St. Columba's has a columbarium on the 42nd Street side of the church property. This walled garden provides a place for cremated remains to be interred.

The columbarium no longer has space available, but plans are under way for additional niches to be built in the near future.

Click

March 24, 2017

Parish Spring Fling!

Three weekends. Thirteen parties
Please check your calendar and join in the fun!

This Eastertide, you’re invited to celebrate this vibrant community and support St. Columba’s ministries by making a donation to attend one of the thirteen parties hosted by parishioners around the town:

Friday and Saturday, April 21…


March 22, 2017

Minister of Music Search

 St. Columba’s is seeking a full-time Minister of Music who:

  • is a musician and teacher able to minister within a multi-faceted music program in a large, active congregation

  • functions at a very high level of personal and professional creativity and commitment

  •

March 7, 2017

May Parish Retreat Postponed

Scheduling for the Parish Retreat is being re-evaluated to allow more parish families to participate. Be on the lookout for information regarding rescheduling and registration.

Please share any input you have on this with the Rev. Amy Molina-Moore.


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