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Parishioners gather for the annual St. Columba Day picnic.
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At its core, being open in spirit means welcoming all. We seek to be a place of deep hospitality, serving Christ in the newcomer, the visitor, the person who comes to our door in deep need or great joy. The following groups are a few of the many that draw people to and through our doors and keep them coming back.

To contact a ministry leader via e-mail, simply click the person’s name or e-mail address.


For parishioners, friends and students. Members of the group are single, engaged, divorced, partners and couples. The group sponsors an exciting mixture of fellowship, spiritual and service activities, communicated via listserv. Contact the Rev. Peter Antoci ( if interested.

42nd Street Fellowship

For singles in their middle years—whether widowed, divorced, separated or never married. More >>

Coffee Hour Helpers

Make and serve coffee and set out donuts on Sunday mornings. Contact Nancy Twist ( if you’d like to help.

Creative Aging Network

The Creative Aging Network (CAN) is an evolving group that meets monthly for discussions related to the ever-changing concepts of 60+ life in modern society, as well as in our personal lives, both spiritual and secular. More >>

LGBT Fellowship

For gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered individuals within St. Columba’s community, as well as their families and friends, and any who are interested in LGBT issues. More >>


This group organizes special events for the parish including the St. Columba Day picnic, Easter Vigil reception and our newcomer events. Contact Prentiss Lay and Lisa Whelan (

Mailing Ministers

This group collates and labels the newsletter for mailing each month on Thursday mornings (10 am to 1 pm), and helps with special parish mailings at other times of year. The commitment is flexible, and we always appreciate extra hands. Contact Barbara McGowan (

Mothers’ Group

For mothers with children of all ages looking to support one another in the challenges and joys of parenting. More >>

Needlepoint Project

A group of parish needleworkers who are working to stitch kneelers for the pews in the church nave. Contact Sally Comiskey (

New To You Sale

In May, St. Columba’s holds its annual "New To You" event, a combined yard, bake and book sale, designed to be both a fundraising and community-building initiative. More >>

Nights of Columba

The Nights of Columba is a ministry of welcome and watching, making sure that visitors are welcomed to the church and that the building is secure in the evening. More >>

Older Adult Ministries

Fellowship and other resources for seniors in our community. More >>

Shortbread Bakers

Support special projects in the parish just by helping to bake our famous shortbread cookies on Thursday mornings. Sales of the cookie fund needed projects around the parish. More >>

Sticks in Stitches

This group gathers on the second Saturday of the month to work on knitting, crotchet or other needlework projects. We often work on our own individual projects, but we also work together on projects for the Water Ministry, pastoral care and the South African Mission Group. If you need needles and yarn we have extra. If you need ideas or instructions, we have those as well. Contact Kristi Lowe (

Welcome Ministries

Members of the Welcome Ministries lead the Sunday morning welcome effort by greeting all who walk through our doors, seeking out newcomers and staffing the Welcome tables in the Common and Great Hall. Greeters also follow up with newcomers, providing friendly support as they seek ways to connect with the parish community. More >>

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