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The 20s/30s group at St. Columba’s welcomes all who seek a community of Christian fellowship through which to engage faith and service in light of the Gospel. We come from a range of backgrounds and interests—from those just starting out and juggling bills, rent, food, work and play in our early 20s, to those of us in our late 30s (who may still be figuring all of those things out)—single, engaged, divorced, partners and couples. Called from worship to love and serve God and our neighbor, we gather for fellowship, spiritual formation and service to God’s people.

Contact: Lisa Fadden (

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What's new?

We are excited to be refashioning this ministry by joining the "Light the Fire!" initiative currently being undertaken by the entire parish as we seek to be active in service and to live into our identity as St. Columbans. Our seminarian, Nicholas Roosevelt, and parishioners Lisa Fadden and Dale Nelson are co-leading the SPARK group and 20s/30s ministry. Join us as we together become more open to the work God is already doing among us, in us and through us. May God’s peace be with you.

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What else we do

Silent retreats at Holy Cross Monastery in relaxing, reflection-friendly West Park, N.Y.

Monthly brunches and dinners

Service projects throughout the year, with groups like Rebuilding Together, an annual project to fix up need-worthy houses in D.C.; Hands On D.C., a project to fix up D.C. Public Schools; and Loaves and Fishes, providing meals for those who need them

Discussion groups and lectures on a variety of social and spiritual topics

Day hikes on the local Potomac Heritage Trail

Bible study (check out this new translation: Common English Bible)

Christmas caroling and Twelfth Night celebration

Additional 20s/30s resources

Episcopal Café, a collaborative and independent website featuring news, commentary, art, meditations, and video about the life and ministry of the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church: Young Adult and Campus Ministries, a collection of resources and links for age 18 through the 30s.

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