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A group of parish needleworkers who are working to stitch kneelers for the pews in the church nave. For more information, to sponsor a kneeler or to join, please contact Sally Comiskey (

The Dedication of the Needlepoint Kneelers

June 8, 2014

If the needlepoint kneelers could talk, what a story they would have to tell ... They traveled far and wide, by car, train and airplane. They were silent witness to happy times and as well as sorrow: family vacations, college visits and sporting events, as well as grave illnesses and family tragedy. They were stitched in sunny rooms by picture windows, in darkened rooms in front of televisions and even in prison cells.
Here is their story ...

The dedication of the needlepoint kneelers in the Church Nave at St. Columba’s celebrated the completion of 106 colorful and sturdy needlepoint cushions and the handiwork of 38 dedicated stitchers working more than a decade, jointly coordinated by Sally Comiskey and Debbie DuSault. The needlepoint kneeler project began in 2001...


Click here for descriptions of each design

Our sincere thanks to the
St. Columba Needlepoint Stitchers ...

Susan Absher
Laura Anthony
Mary Claire Bond
Sally Boulter
Barbara Brincefield
Nancy Bryson
Cynthia Cathcart
Adrienne Clamp
Anne Clippinger
Sally Comiskey
Florri DeCell
Meg Spencer Dixon
Kathryn Donald
Terry Dowd
Debbie DuSault
Brian Flanagan
Marilynn Flood
Kathleen Gallagher
Beth Harrison

Linda Haslach
Betsy Hawkings
Gavin Hills
Alison Horan
Janet Ishimoto
Penny Jones
Sheila Lindveit
Ellen MacNeil
Lisa McAuliffe
Selby McPhee
Ann Peel
Shirley Putnam
Julia Robertson
Mary Sue Robson
Joan Rosenbaum
Jennifer Swift
Charles Taylor
Julie White
MJ Wiseman

























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