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Shortbread Bakers

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Feeding and being fed in a variety of ways are central to the life of St. Columba’s. For at least a generation, a changing list of participants (including some who have served for decades) has seen that on Wednesdays (now) in the fall and early winter (and briefly in April), the smell of shortbread baking wafts through the building. Beginning very early in the morning with those who come to mix the ingredients, and continuing through rolling out the dough, cutting the cookies, baking and packaging, volunteers cheerfully work, talk together and raise money from the sale of this famous shortbread. The money is used for various projects, which often include assisting with special needs of the parish. The members of this group not only work together, but they also watch out for one another and celebrate life’s milestones. What a combination of reaching in and reaching out!

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