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Healing Rite

Receiving the laying on of hands and prayer for healing
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Pastoral Emergencies

In an emergency, if someone is in the hospital or has an urgent need to see a priest, you may reach one through the on-call phone at 202-669-4856. (This number is also available on the church’s voice-mail system.)

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At most Sunday services and at the 12:10 pm Eucharist on Thursday, you are invited to receive the laying on of hands for healing. Roy Lawrence sums it up well in his book Christian Healing Discovered: “Perhaps you have been ill in some way and have a need for physical healing. Perhaps you are feeling anxious or depressed or have a need for mental healing. Perhaps some temptation is hard to cope with and you are conscious of the need for spiritual healing. Or, if you wish, you may come forward just as an act of commitment, a prayer for spiritual deepening. Or perhaps you want to come forward as an act of prayer for someone else whom you know to be in need of healing. The touch of Christ is desirable for its own sake, quite apart from any by-products it may bring. So whatever your reasons for coming forward you are welcome.” The healing rite is offered at different points in the liturgy, depending on the service, by the clergy and lay ministers of healing. For more information contact Mary Beth Campbell.

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