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Pastoral Emergencies

In an emergency, if someone is in the hospital or has an urgent need to see a priest, you may reach one through the on-call phone at 202-669-4856. (This number is also available on the church’s voice-mail system.)

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St. Columba’s Stephen Ministers meet the first Tuesday of the month in Room 212 for Continuing Education from 7:00-8:30 pm, followed by a 30-minute meeting of each supervision group. Individual supervision groups meet either on the third Tuesday evening or the third Friday morning of each month for 90 minutes.


Contact Record Sheet

You can record your visits in a number of ways:

• Fill out the Contact Record Sheet including the date of contact, who initiated the contact (the Stephen Minister, the care receiver or a third party), the type of contact (a phone call, a face-to-face visit, an e-mail or a happenstance encounter), the length of the contact and any notes helpful for further reference.

• Use an equivalent Excel spreadsheet to input the above data.

• Track visits, phone calls and e-mails in your journal using the Journaling Directions.

Check-In Statement

Prior to each peer group supervision meeting, write one or two-sentence answers to the questions on the Check-In Statement form in your journal and share those answers briefly with your supervision group at the check-in time.

In-Depth Reports

When preparing for an in-depth report, write out the answers to the questions in either the Stephen Minister’s Progress Report or the Distinctively Christian Care Report prior to the Group Supervision meeting.

Guidelines for Bringing the Caring Relationship to a Close

Guidelines also include questions to address prior to closing with your supervision group.

Home Communion

Home Communion Instructions


Goals for 2013-2104 program year

Continuing Education Resources

Process-oriented Goals

Divorce Resources from Nov 2013 meeting

• LA Times article “How Not To Say The Wrong Thing” from Nov 2013 Forum

• Brené Brown’s TED Talk: The Power of Vulnerability from Oct 2013 meeting

Seven Tips About What to Say and Do to Comfort Others from Nov 2013 Forum

Praying For Ourselves—Praying For Others from Jan 2012 meeting

What is the Stephen Ministry program?

More details about the Stephen Ministry program, including videos by care receivers and Stephen Ministers, can be found at

To Inquire about Becoming a Stephen Minister

Stephen Minister training sessions are held approximately once a year and consist of 50 hours of training, conducted on consecutive Tuesday evenings and once a month on Saturday mornings. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Stephen Minister, contact Stephen Ministry Leader.

“Stephen Ministry. Listening, Comforting, Caring: It’s What We Do”

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