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Pastoral Emergencies

In an emergency, if someone is in the hospital or has an urgent need to see a priest, you may reach one through the on-call phone at 202-669-4856. (This number is also available on the church’s voice-mail system.)

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No one should have to suffer alone ...
This is the premise of Stephen Ministry.

Parishioners and others in the community (called care receivers) who are going through a difficult time can receive one-to-one, high quality care from a trained lay caregiver (called a Stephen Minister). There are many situations that would be amenable to care from a Stephen Minister including grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, caregiver burnout, infertility, birth of a special needs child, miscarriage, parenting struggles, hospitalization, spiritual crisis, depression and empty nest.

Stephen Ministers listen to, support, encourage and pray with and for their care receiver. A Stephen Minister and care receiver typically meet once a week for about an hour, and the conversation between them is confidential. Stephen Ministers meet as a group twice a month for continuing education and supervision.The Stephen Ministry team can refer a care receiver to an appropriate mental health professional if the needs of the care receiver are greater than what a Stephen Minister is qualified to provide.

If you would like to learn more about Stephen Ministry at St. Columba’s or request the help of a Stephen Minister for yourself, contact Stephen Ministry Leader.

What is the Stephen Ministry program?

More details about the Stephen Ministry program, including videos by care receivers and Stephen Ministers, can be found at

To Inquire about Becoming a Stephen Minister

Stephen Minister training sessions are held approximately once a year and consist of 50 hours of training (conducted on consecutive Tuesday evenings and once a month on Saturday mornings). If you would like to learn more about becoming a Stephen Minister, contact Michele Prince.

“Stephen Ministry. Listening, Comforting, Caring: It’s What We Do”

Learn, Grow, and Serve by Becoming a Stephen Minister

Do you have gifts for caring, encouragement, and listening? If so, please consider becoming a Stephen Minister. St. Columba’s will train another class of Stephen Ministers beginning in February, 2015. Stephen Ministers provide emotional and spiritual support and care to people who are going through a difficult time, such as divorce, grief, hospitalization, unemployment, relocation, chronic illness or loneliness. To find out more, contact Michele Prince.

Stephen Ministry Info Sheet 2015.PDF

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