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The St. C’s communications department is implementing a new procedure for submitting publicity requests, to streamline the speed, accuracy and effort required to produce our weekly publications. The new online publicity request form  is easy to fill out and will provide us with all the necessary information we need to process your request.

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Select the Ministry Leader Directory from the Quicklinks menu at the top right of any page on our website, and you’ll get an alphabetical listing of all the ministry groups at St. C’s.

Christ calls us to lives of service, compassion and justice. We are called to serve others, especially those in need and the poor, and to work for greater justice and peace in the world. We try to live out the promises made at our baptism to “seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself” and to “strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.” And at the end of each Eucharist we pray that we may be sent forth to love and serve God as faithful witnesses of Christ.

St. Columba’s mission groups provide numerous and varied opportunities, both individually and communally, to answer Christ’s call to service and social concern in our neighborhood, the broader city, the nation and the world. We hope that as you look through this site, you will find a ministry that touches your heart and calls you to action. Please listen to your heart. Whatever your talent, whatever your calling, join with us as we seek to share and live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the world beyond our parish.

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