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Supporting Service and Outreach at St. Columba’s

Participants in the annual Fannie Mae Help-the-Homeless Mall Walk, carrying a St. Columba's banner.
Submit Your Publicity Request Online

The St. C’s communications department is implementing a new procedure for submitting publicity requests, to streamline the speed, accuracy and effort required to produce our weekly publications. The new online publicity request form  is easy to fill out and will provide us with all the necessary information we need to process your request.

Searching for a ministry?

Select the Ministry Leader Directory from the Quicklinks menu at the top right of any page on our website, and you’ll get an alphabetical listing of all the ministry groups at St. C’s.

St. Columba’s service and outreach thrive thanks to those who give so generously of themselves, and we always have room for (and need of) more volunteers. If you’re not sure where your talents would best be suited, follow your heart or contact ministry leaders, any member of the Active in Service committee (see below) or the Rev. Rose Duncan ( They’ll listen to your interests and suggest some potential ministries that you may explore.

We also conduct two annual initiatives to garner much-needed financial support for our service work. These two initiatives account for a large portion of our available funding, and we rely on the generosity and commitment of all parishioners to help us with these efforts.

Active in Service (ACTS) Committee

The ACTS committee appropriates funding allocated by the vestry to individual mission group and oversees outreach budget implementation. In addition the group coordinates major service and outreach activities throughout the year and works with the Director of Communications to provide content for outreach articles in the newsletter to keep the congregation informed of service opportunities and updates on mission groups.

Click here to download the committee's charter.

Click here to read "To inspire, support and sustain a call to service," a newsletter article about the ACTS committee and service and outreach at St. C's.

St. Columba’s Annual Homelessness Walk

St. Columba’s sponsors an annual Homeless Walk scheduled in October. The funds we raise by hosting a miniwalk each fall (one of the largest in the D.C. area) are a critical part of our service budget. The money supports such programs as the Water Ministry, which provides showers, laundry facilities, and meals to our needy neighbors in Northwest DC; The Haven, which provides transitional housing and support services for up to six women at Fletcher House, our former rectory; and Rebuilding Together, which by our labor helps keep low income—often elderly—families in their own homes.

Contact: Rose Duncan (

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Active in Service committee charter

To inspire, support and sustain a call to service
Published in the April 2013 parish newsletter.

Contact: Rose Duncan (

Photo: Susan Elliott

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