St. Columba's Episcopal Church

Worship and Music - Pentecost

Rt. Rev. Joe Burnett during Pentecost season

Worship is the heart of our life at St. Columba’s, and we offer prayer through and are nurtured by the Holy Eucharist. Our Sunday and weekday Eucharists use Rite II from the Book of Common Prayer and other supplemental rites available to us. Rite II is often thought of as the less formal liturgical form. St. Columba’s mission statement affirms that we seek to be “rich in worship,” so we try to offer worship that is inviting for people of all ages, with music of many styles and preaching that seeks to bring the Gospel to life. Our Sunday Eucharists are also occasions when we regularly celebrate baptisms throughout the year. In the Eucharist, Christ is present, welcoming us all, whoever we are. We hope you will come and discover this experience of welcome and then join us in serving God’s world after you leave.

We are currently in the Season of Pentecost, the final and longest segment of the Church’s year. It stretches over 30 weeks from the springtime celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit through the end of November, when our exploration of the Gospel culminates in the Sunday that celebrates Christ as King. Since this period covers the summer and fall seasons of growth and fruitfulness, the traditional use of green vestments provides a visual cue for the theme of growing into the mystery of Christ, and cultivating what the scriptures call “the fruits of the Spirit.”

Photo: Barbara McGowan

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