St. Columba's Episcopal Church

Worship and Music - Epiphany

Epiphany star and three kings at worship. Photo: Jay Treadwell

Worship is the heart of our life at St. Columba’s, and we offer prayer through and are nurtured by the Holy Eucharist. Our Sunday and weekday Eucharists use Rite II from the Book of Common Prayer and other supplemental rites available to us. Rite II is often thought of as the less formal liturgical form. St. Columba’s mission statement affirms that we seek to be “rich in worship,” so we try to offer worship that is inviting for people of all ages, with music of many styles and preaching that seeks to bring the Gospel to life. Our Sunday Eucharists are also occasions when we regularly celebrate baptisms throughout the year. In the Eucharist, Christ is present, welcoming us all, whoever we are. We hope you will come and discover this experience of welcome and then join us in serving God’s world after you leave.

We are celebrating the season of Epiphany, which bridges the time between Christmas and Lent, which will begin on Wed., Mar. 5. Epiphany means manifestation or revealing, and we celebrate the ways in which the mysterious glory of God is revealed to us in the human person of Jesus, the Light of the World. We continue to use white vestments through the first Sunday after Epiphany when we explore the meaning of Jesus’ own baptism in the Jordan. This is a traditional time for offering the sacrament of baptism. For the rest of the season the liturgical color is green.

Photo by Jay Treadwell

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