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Inclement Weather Policy

For the most up-to-date information on scheduled activities, please call the parish office at 202-363-4119. If the automated attendant answers the phone, select option 9.

During periods of inclement weather, a liberal leave policy will be in effect for staff. So, while the parish may be open, individual activities, meetings, etc. may still be cancelled due to a staff member’s inability to get safely to the church. It’s best to call the parish office for current information.

On weekdays, St. Columba’s follows the DC Public Schools.  If they are closed, the parish is closed and all activities are cancelled (same for delayed openings). All activities scheduled before the delayed opening time are cancelled. All activities beginning after the delayed opening time will occur as scheduled.

On Sundays, while individual activities (Forum, Sunday School, meetings, etc.) might be canceled, worship services will occur as scheduled (except in very extreme conditions) and parishioners are asked to use their best judgment as to whether they can safely get to church. Call for the most up-to-date operational information.

The Chapel Choir is an ensemble of advanced members of the Boy and Girl Choirs, generally in grades 6–8. Choristers rehearse an additional half-hour on Wednesdays (8 to 8:30 pm) and sing a challenging repertoire of two– and three–part music. Members also have opportunities for solo work. These choristers are serious about their singing and enjoy the challenges of a more complicated repertoire, as well as being musical leaders in the Boy and Girl Choirs.

Schedule (September through early June)
Rehearsals: Wednesday evenings from 7:45 to 8:30 pm
Sundays, 8:30 am warm-up, 9 am worship service

Contact: John Hurd (

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