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Sunday Worship - Summer

Inclement Weather Policy

For the most up-to-date information on scheduled activities, please call the parish office at 202-363-4119.  If the automated attendant answers the phone, select option 9.

During periods of inclement weather, a liberal leave policy will be in effect for staff.  So, while the parish may be open, individual activities, meetings, etc. may still be cancelled due to a staff member’s inability to get safely to the church.  It’s best to call the parish office for current information.

On weekdays, St. Columba’s follows the DC Public Schools.  If they are closed, the parish is closed and all activities are cancelled (same for delayed openings).  All activities scheduled before the delayed opening time are cancelled.  All activities beginning after the delayed opening time will occur as scheduled.

On Sundays, while individual activities (Forum, Sunday School, meetings, etc.) might be canceled, worship services will occur as scheduled (except in very extreme conditions) and parishioners are asked to use their best judgment as to whether they can safely get to church. Call for the most up-to-date operational information.

Our worship schedule from
Sun., June 14 through Sun., Sept., 6, 2015:

8 am  |  9:15 am  |  10:30 am  |  Child Care  |  Links

All are welcome at the Lord's Table for every celebration of the Eucharist. St. Columba’s seeks to be a welcoming and inclusive community of Christ. People of all ages and abilities are invited to fully participate in worship. You may stand, sit or kneel as you are able. Large print bulletins, hearing amplification devices, children’s activity sheets and crayons are available from ushers.

8 am Eucharist in the Church Nave

This early service has a quiet and intimate style, celebrated without music but with a sermon.

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9:15 am Eucharist for pre-school children and their families in the Church Nave

This family-friendly, 40-minute service, offered each Sunday morning in the Church Nave, is a rich worship experience for pre-school children and their families. This service includes lively singing, the gathering of children in front of the altar for an engaging age-appropriate presentation of the Gospel story, the offering of prayers and Holy Communion. Attending this service during the summer is a great preparation for making the shift from the Great Hall worship space to experiencing the 9 am Eucharist in the Church Nave when children reach school age in the fall. Families are encouraged to sign up to service as ushers.

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10:30 am Eucharist in the Church Nave

This celebration of the Eucharist might be described as our most formal of the day but still, it is relaxed in flow. This service incorporates scripture, prayers, a short sermon, Holy Communion, hymns and featured anthems from the Summer Singers. The Summer Singers meet for an informal practice at 9:45 am in the Music Room. All are invited. Children ages 3-8 are invited to leave the Church Nave after the Gospel for “Storytime” (an age-appropriate story with prayers based on the Gospel) in the Music Room, and they return at the Peace. This service lasts approximately 1 hour.

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Sunday Child Care

Child care is available for infants and children to age 3 from 10:15 to 11:45 am every summer Sunday (June 14 through Sept. 6) in Rm 247.

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