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Sunday Worship Services

Easter Day worship
Our worship schedule from
Sun., Sept. 11, 2016 through Sun., June 11, 2017:

8 am  |  9 am  |  9:15 am  |  11:15 am  |  5 pm  |  Child Care  |  Links

8 am Eucharist in the Church Nave

A traditional service of Holy Eucharist with a sermon, and no music. Quiet and contemplative–it is great for people whose spirituality craves stillness and/or who like to worship early on Sundays.

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Sunday child care

Child care is available for infants and children to age 3 from 8:45 am to 12:45 pm every Sunday during the program year (early September through early June) in Rm 247.

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9 am Eucharist in the Church Nave

This service of Holy Eucharist features a sermon, hymns and service music, led by choirs and organ accompaniment. During the sermon time, children ages 3-8 are invited to go to StoryTime with an experienced story-teller. This features an age-appropriate story, music and prayers that mirror the worship continuing in the sanctuary. They rejoin their families for Eucharist. During the offering, children carry gifts of food in an informal procession to baskets located near the altar. This food is donated to Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington.

Healing prayer is offered during the Communion time. The 9 am service manages to be both traditional and lively for people of all ages.

Making Sense of Our Worship

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9:15 am Eucharist for pre-school children and their families in the Great Hall

The 30-minute service in the Great Hall is geared toward young children and their families, with participatory music and liturgy. There is lively singing and movement, and the children gather in front of the altar as a clergy person or story-teller shares a story and message geared for children. The Holy Eucharist is celebrated with great joy. It is holy chaos in the best sense. Experiencing the Great Hall services is a great preparation for those children who want to take part in the 9 am Eucharist in the Church Nave when they reach school age.

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Sunday School and child care are offered at 10 am, along with our Sunday (Adult) Forum at 10:10 am. We invite you for fellowship (or shall we say, Donut Hour) that follows each service.

11:15 am Eucharist in the Church Nave

This service of Holy Eucharist hews to the more formal tradition of Anglican worship, even as it is relaxed in flow. It features some of our best musical talents–our adult choirs, the St. Columba’s Singers and the Singers Ensemble, are sometimes joined by handbell choirs and St. Columba's Chamber Orchestra to put forth the glories of Anglican music, as well as music from diverse traditions. Healing prayer is offered during the communion time. Good preaching, vibrant singing and deep prayer mark the last of our Sunday morning services in the Church Nave. There is no story for children during this service, but across the way, there is…

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11:15 am Eucharist for pre-school children and their families in the Great Hall

This 30-minute service is similar to the 9:15 am Great Hall service, though slightly more subdued. It is perfect for young children and their families, and those who enjoy their worship more casual and playful. Everyone participates in lively singing, action and movement, and the children gather in front of the altar for an engaging presentation of the Gospel story and the offering of prayers. Children enjoy a thoroughly age-appropriate style of worship and all may receive Holy Communion.

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Live@5, a lively alternative Eucharist in the Great Hall

Live@5 is an alternative Eucharist with contemporary music and multimedia storytelling, held at 5 pm on specific Sundays during the program year. It takes place in the Great Hall, where we gather in the round to worship, reflect on scripture and imagine the life God is calling us to live. The service begins with lively singing and candle lighting. Then we share scripture stories through drama, music and video. We conclude by sharing God’s grace through the bread and wine of Holy Communion, before we are sent out (usually 45 minutes later) to live as Christ’s body in the world. Live@5 services are scheduled for the last Sunday of the month: Jan. 29, Feb. 26, Mar. 26, Apr. 30, May 28 and June 25.

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