From the Rector’s Desk

  From the desk of ...
The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin
  Rector of St. Columba's Episcopal Church
  Washington, DC

A New Vision for Outreach & Mission
and other News from the Annual Parish Meeting
Tues., Nov. 21, 2017

Beloved in Christ,
With enthusiastic support from the vestry, I am calling for the creation of a task force that will discern God's call to mission and propose a new outreach initiative for St. Columba's.

The proposed initiative, which may be a single ministry or an organizing theme for a cluster of ministries (e.g., all addressing poverty), shall:

  • Create a bridge to a community significantly different than our own and bring parishioners in proximity to poverty
  • Involve a lot of people
  • Involve partnership with at least one other organization
  • Stretch us; cost a lot
  • Serve as an open door for those who do not yet know Christ or St. Columba's

In this effort, the task force will

  • Be grounded in scripture and prayer as a means of discerning God's mission
  • Be attentive to the influence of personal and collective privilege
  • Engage the entire congregation in some meaningful way
  • Consider needs and opportunities in our immediate neighborhood

Would you like to be part of this effort?
Please nominate yourself or a fellow parishioner to the Task Force Link. Deadline for submission is Dec. 7.

Parishioners Lauralyn Lee and Ron Wisor have agreed to co-chair; we look forward to putting together a creative and committed group. Please note: we may not be able to include everyone nominated. It will be exciting to see how the Spirit is leading us in the adventure of discipleship.

Election of New Vestry Members
Tinu Ige, Patty Jensen, Len Kennedy and Tim Massad were elected to three-year terms; Harry Wood was confirmed to continue, and Elizabeth Taylor and Steve Smith were each elected for one-year terms as senior and junior warden, respectively. Thank you to each of them and to Kay Tatum and Thelma Triche.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ... to the 411 households who made your pledge by Commitment Sunday (for a total $1,775,121). Our goal is 100% participation; if you're ready to give thanks to God with your Pledge, click here.

Treasurer Bob Broeksmit gave a brief financial report, noting with appreciation that we closed the 2017 fiscal year in the black and see a healthy trend with increasing pledges. Click here for the Financial Report.

We rejoice with those welcomed as New Members ... this past Sunday ~ Meg, David & Jackson Barker; Kate, Ben, Campbell & Harriet Garrison; Maris, Will & Christopher Imbrie; Jeanne Marcus; Amma, Noel, Seretse & Septima Maurer; Cynthia, Jack & Jake Morton; Laura Phinizy & Keith, Sarah & Spencer Jones.

With family, friends or in quiet alone, I pray you have a joyous Thanksgiving.


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