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Photography/Video Guidelines

With the goal of preserving the sanctity of our worship, St. Columba's asks photographers and videographers to follow these guidelines for images taken during services in the Church Nave and Great Hall ...

Flash photography is not allowed inside the Church Nave and Great Hall at any time during worship services.

• Photography is permitted during the service from unobtrusive locations using available light. Photographers must set up where they cannot be seen by the congregation seated in the Church Nave.

• Video may be taken from one fixed camera in the gallery, positioned at the far right (as you face the gallery), so as not to be readily seen from the pews.

• All weddings are worship services. It is important that efforts to capture the ceremony in photography or film be unobtrusive, so that everyone – bride, groom, wedding party, family members and guests – can give their complete attention to the ceremony. Once the bride enters the Church Nave, only those engaged in the liturgy are to move about. Photographers may shoot from the gallery, but must be in place before the bride comes into the Church Nave and remain there until the wedding party exits. The church is available for photography, with or without flash, 30 minutes before and following the ceremony.