Alert: St. Columba's returns to our Regular Worship schedule on Sun., Sept. 9. Office hours change to M-Th, 9-5; F, 9-4.


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St. Columba’s is a relatively large parish by Episcopal Church standards, so figuring out how to connect can be challenging at first. Some people are ready to jump in. Others need more time to get the feel of the place. We invite you to participate and explore as the spirit moves you.

Some Suggestions to Help You Connect

  • Fill out our Welcome form. This helps us know a little about you so we can be responsive.

  • Sign up to receive our weekly eNews and/or weekly readings so you know what’s coming up and going on.

  • Come to the informal monthly Talk & Tour on Sunday mornings. (Meets on the second Sunday of the month, at 10:15 am in the Common)

  • Come to the Inquirer's Class! (Schedule to be announced)

  • You have a standing, open invitation from Jennifer Turner, minister for member engagement, to be in touch and get together! Let her know you’d like to take her up on her offer.

  • Sign up for a Circle of 7, 8, 9.

  • Join a ministry where you will meet others and do something meaningful together. Share your talents, try something new that might be fun or take you out of your comfort zone. Click here to access the St. C's Ministry Directory.

Some Events and Classes Designed for Newcomers

Sunday Talk and Tour
Offered on the second Sunday of each month, September through May, at 10:15 am; June through August at 11:30 a.m., this is an informal tour of the church campus led by one of our welcome ministers. We meet at the Welcome and Connect area in the Common.

Inquirer's Class
Offered on select Sunday mornings from 10:15 - 11:05 a.m. (during Sunday school/adult education time) throughout the program year, this five-week course is designed to provide:

  • a place for you to connect, share your story, your hopes and fears;

  • a basic introduction to Christianity, the Episcopal Church, and St. Columba’s;

  • an opportunity to explore your gifts and find a ministry that suits those gifts and will help you feel at home here.