Annual Pledge Campaign

Each fall, St. Columba’s invites all of our parishioners to revisit our relationship with … well … Stuff. Stuff we need. Stuff we think we need. Stuff we think we’ve earned and own.

God and money are wonderful, powerful, and sometimes hard to talk about. The Annual Campaign gives us the chance to take stock of what we have, and why we have it. To give thanks to God for all we’ve been given: eternal life and love, an abundance of joy, and … Stuff.

This note from our rector and wardens explains our budget and why pledging is so important. In short, your pledge makes it possible to plan for music on Sundays, meals for Water Ministry guests, and so much more. As we take stock of our blessings, we pledge to return a portion of all that God has given us, and to ask ourselves and one another:

How do you give thanks with Christ?

St. Columba’s invites you to pray and to ponder this question. To talk about it with your family and friends. We also hope you will answer it – in part -- with a financial pledge.

Every year we ask for your pledge. Every year our goal is 100% participation. Will you help us reach that goal?

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of how to give thanks, with Christ, for St. Columba’s.

Steps in considering your pledge

Ready to make a pledge payment?

You can make a pledge payment at any time and in any amount, and you can pay two different ways, via check and online. Here's how:

Mail your check to St. Columba's or drop it in the collection plate. Just be sure to designate it as as a pledge payment, so we can keep track.


Pay online to the correct pledge fund by logging in here. You can even set up a recurring payment, billed to your credit card.

Questions? Ask a clergy member or Annual Pledge Campaign leaders Chris Luckett and Joy Bates Boyle.

Pledge Now

[Stewardship Hopes and Dreams Video link]

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