The Five Practices

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More than inviting people to be a part of “a church” at St. Columba’s, we’re inviting you to be a part of “a way” – the way of Christian living. Christian living isn’t something that one just does; it’s a lifestyle that takes intention, practice and care. Presented here are a series of "faith labs" where we explored five Christian Practices that have proven throughout the ages to make a difference in the life of both the faithful and the faith-empty.

Faith Lab 1: "An Exploration of Scripture"

When you hear or read Scripture, what do you seek from it? A parishioner recently asked, "I want to read the Bible, but I wonder how to start." In this first Faith Lab, Rector Ledlie Laughlin helps us explore ways to read and pray with Scripture ... for novices and scholars alike.
Listen: MP3 (Recording from the Oct. 29, 2017 Faith Lab session)
Read: "Resources for Engaging Scripture" (PDF)

Faith Lab 2: "Developing a Personal Practice of Prayer"

An introduction to prayer and a guided a conversation about the place of prayer in our lives. Ledlie offers resources and invites us into an experience of contemplative prayer.
Listen: MP3 (Recording from Dec. 10, 2017 Faith Lab session)
Read: "Resources for Personal Prayer" (PDF)

Faith Lab 3: “Discerning Our Gifts"

Lenten Sunday Forum Series (five weeks)
What or who am I going to be when I grow up? This question arises in different seasons of our lives. Ledlie presents a series of Faith Labs focusing on the practice of discernment.
Listen: MP3 (Recordings from Sun., Feb. 18 to Sun., Mar. 18)
Read: "Resources for Discernment" (PDF)

Faith Lab Session 4:
"Engaging the Needs of the World through Ministries of Outreach, Justice and Compassion"

Ledlie introduces service as another of the Five Faith Practices.
Listen: MP3 (Recording from Apr. 8, 2018 Faith Lab session)

Faith Lab Session 5: "Sharing our Stories and Telling Others about our Faith"

In this interactive session using "playing cards," parishioners explore how they might share their faith story.
(No recording available)