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Sunday Forums

Join us for presentations that stimulate our imagination about living the Christian life in this community, and in today’s changing world. Hear from our rector and lay leaders, as well as distinguished outside speakers on topics that challenge us on a wide range of current issues.

Upcoming Sunday Forums

Sun., Feb. 11

“Jesus in the Wisdom Tradition”
Vance Greenway, also known as Swami Chiderahmananda, a Hindu monk in the Vedanta school of Hinduism.
A re-examination of Christ in light of the ancient wisdom traditions and exploration of the unifying vision of the mystics within all traditions. (This Forum is an introduction to the course he will teach on Wednesday nights in Lent.) (Church Nave)

Lenten Sunday Forum Series

Equipping You to Tell Your Faith Story

You’ve heard them. You’ve loved them. Now we’re taking faith stories One Step Further!
Our lives are the stuff of holiness if we’re paying attention. This Lent join us as we engage in the ancient practice of discernment, also known as paying attention, together. Panels of parishioners who have considered the question of where God has shown up in their lives will share what they’ve learned along the highways and byways of life. Then all together we will discern God’s presence in our lives and our attention to it in new and interesting ways so don’t miss out!


Faith Lab: "Discerning Our Gifts"

What or who am I going to be when I grow up? This question arises in different seasons of our lives. Are you feeling stuck or feeling blessed? We are created by God and called by Christ to life abundant. How’s that going for you? “Discerning Our Gifts,” led by Rector Ledlie Laughlin, is the next in our series of faith labs introducing the Five Practices. Join us –  Grace abounds. (This introduction to discernment is followed by a series of four Sunday Forums with the same focus. See below.)

SUNDAY, FEB. 25, 10:15 AM (Church Nave)

“Sunday Self” vs. “Monday-Friday Self”

Each of us has both selves within us, and hopefully God is talking to the same person. Come listen to panelists Bill Taylor (attorney), Elizabeth Vaden (federal employee) and Schroeder Stribling (non-profit executive) share how God has been present to them in both their professional and non-professional lives.

SUNDAY, MAR. 4, 10:15 AM (Church Nave)

"God Knows Your Shoe Size”

Yes, God is interested in your personal life, the things that make you you, including your shoe size!* Join panelists Bob Oetting (retired), Molly Reynolds (young professional) and Ben Bradburn (parent) as they reflect on where the Creator has been present in their diverse life stages.
*This is a working theory that will be answered on the other side of heaven.

SUNDAY, MAR. 11, 10:15 AM (Great Hall)

"Holy Alignment as a Person of God”

It’s hard sometimes to know what we’re thinking, let alone what God is thinking. This is where discernment comes in. Come take stock of your faith and whether you’re in alignment with God, in a fun and interactive activity.

SUNDAY, MAR. 18, 10:15 AM (Great Hall)

"Holy Alignment as the People of God”

St. C’s parishioners all over the map when it comes to their faith, but what does that map look like? Come engage in small group conversations and reflect on the current state of faith throughout the wider parish.