Sunday Forums

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Join us for presentations that stimulate our imagination about living the Christian life in this community, and in today’s changing world. Hear from our rector and lay leaders, as well as distinguished outside speakers on topics that challenge us on a wide range of current issues.

Embracing Our World

Sunday Forums in January

Sunday Forums bring us all together to talk about the big issues and tough challenges we face – but also to celebrate our community and find new directions together. Join us Sundays at 10:15 in the Church Nave to hear more about our new vision for community engagement and initiative to address family homelessness … all part of St. Columba’s mission to Live God’s Love.

January 5: “Is Your Home Your Spiritual Center?”
The Rev. Mally Lloyd, St. C's Interim Associate Rector

Pilgrimage, journey and quest have long been metaphors for achieving spiritual growth and wisdom. Can we also grow in faith while staying at home? History, literature and the Bible tell us, yes. Join us to consider how your sense of home influences your faith and understanding of God. And to ponder what it means to be home-less.

January 12: “Helping Returning Citizens to Rebuild their Lives”
Theo Brown, Director of the McClendon Program at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church and Robert Hornstein, Chief of Civil Legal Services at the DC Public Defender Service and a writer on poverty law issues, will introduce the DC-based Returning Citizens Assistance Network (RCAN). A representative of the DC Public Defender Service will report on the barriers returning citizens face in reentering our community, and how local churches have begun an innovative program to help respond to their varied needs. We will learn how we can support and participate in the work of the Returning Citizens Assistance Network.

January 19: "Addressing Issues of Race and Privilege"
Stirring the Waters Team: A Ministry for Racial Justice

The issue of race underlies all aspects of community engagement addressed through our outreach and social justice ministries. St. Columba's Stirring the Water Ministry and the Racial Justice and Healing Collective will present a Face-to-Face Race dialogue at the Sunday Forum on Sun., Jan. 19 at 10:15 am. There will be time for parishioners to respond, and ask questions, opening up a larger conversation.

January 26: “Responding to Family Homelessness in DC”
In 2019 over 800 families were without shelter in the District of Columbia. We will learn about the barriers to affordable housing for low income families and the effects of homelessness on children, and hear more about St. Columba’s family homelessness initiative. Representatives of our new partner organization, Housing Up, will describe how vulnerable families are being served and how we can help to make a difference.