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Sunday Forums

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Join us for presentations that stimulate our imagination about living the Christian life in this community, and in today’s changing world. Hear from our rector and lay leaders, as well as distinguished outside speakers on topics that challenge us on a wide range of current issues.

Sunday Forums in Lent

Sunday Forums bring us all together to talk about the big issues and tough challenges we face – but also to celebrate our community and find new directions together. During Lent, St. Columba's has brought together a series of powerful speakers bringing new insight to the idea of where we find God from many interesting perspectives: science, music and elsewhere. Join us Sundays at 10:15 to hear more about St. Columba’s mission to Live God’s Love.

March 1: "Choosing a Good Death After a Long Life"
A book talk by Sam Harrington, MD with Susan Flanders
Most people say they would like to die quietly at home. But overly aggressive medical advice, coupled with an unrealistic sense of invincibility or overconfidence in our health-care system, results in the majority of elderly patients misguidedly dying in institutions. Many undergo painful procedures instead of having the better and more peaceful death they deserve. "At Peace: Choosing a Good Death After a Long Life" outlines specific active and passive steps that older patients and their health-care proxies can take to ensure loved ones live their last days comfortably at home and/or in hospice when further aggressive care is inappropriate. (Church Nave)

March 8: "Finding God in Science"
Charles Bolden
Former astronaut and NASA Administrator Charles (Charlie) Bolden grew up in the segregated South. He is an active parishioner at Christ Church and a champion of the Bishop Walker School for Boys. Through personal anecdotes and leadership insights from his Marine Corps and NASA experiences that testify to the ability of the human spirit to overcome adversity and set new expectations for the future, Mr. Bolden will talk about what we can accomplish when we dream big together. (Church Nave)

POSTPONED: March 15: Glimpsing God's Beauty Through Music
Cythnia Hoover and Sarah Hoover 
Cynthia Adams Hoover, Emeritus Curator of Musical Instruments at the Smithsonian Institution, and Sarah Adams Hoover, Associate Dean for Innovation, Interdisciplinary Partnerships and Community Initiatives at the Peabody Institute, share reflections from two generations of personal and professional lives in music. They will be exploring the ways in which religious life intersects with career paths, as well as the question: How do we find God through music, and how are God's people served through music, within a faith community and more broadly? Sarah and Cynthia connect formative musical experiences from church choir and family hymn sings with their work in music: Cynthia as a singer, a public music historian, and curator of musical instruments and music in American life; and Sarah as performer and innovator of a 21st century vision for performing arts training. (Great Hall)