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Letters to St. Columba’s Church in Corona

We have been thrown into a world turned upside down from our normal way of life. We are all separated physically, yet we are all in this together - a loving, support community following Jesus. In many ways, we are like the early church in the Roman Empire (well, with the help of Zoom). We are all practicing our faith in our own places, physically unable to share worship and fellowship in person. However, just like the early churches, we have the love of Jesus in common. Also, like the early church, we have St. Paul to travel around and visit us, each in our own part of the church. St. Paul wrote 14 letters that made it into the Bible, each to a church in a town separated from all the other churches. He gave them greetings, support, and prayers.  He made suggestions of ways that they could practice their faith. Sometimes he told them he was disappointed in them and how they could do better.

This summer, we invite parishioners to host our very own St. Paul on his journey around St. Columba’s Church in Corona. He will journey from home to home, share in your life and faith, and help you write your own letter to St. Columba’s Church in Corona!

Have Some Fun with St. Paul!  Download St. Paul and include him in your family snapshot at the beach, on the trail or lounging in the backyard. Post your picture on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ColumbainCorona or send it to us by email. Get creative and get featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages! 

Download and color St. Paul!

Three Ways to Participate

Register to receive St. Paul at your home. After you register, you will receive a link to sign up for a date to host St. Paul between June 30 - August 4.  You will coordinate with those before and after you to pass along St. Paul, the picture book, "Paul Writes (a Letter)," and the notebook of letters. To participate, register here.

Print out your own copy of St. Paul to have him wherever you are this summer.

Call into the weekly Zoom meeting to connect with fellow St. Columbans, learn about St. Paul and hear excerpts from the letters to St. Columba’s Church in Corona.

While St. Paul is With You ...

(either our St. Paul figure or your printed ones)

  • Take pictures of him enjoying life with you. Show us how you are welcoming him and the things you are doing with him (suggestions below).
  • Read the picture book about all of Paul’s letters. Pick one letter and read the whole thing in your Bible.
  • Write a letter to St. Columba’s Church in Corona (suggestions below).
  • Take a video of you receiving and handing off St. Paul (directions below).
  • Upload your photos and letters here: 

Ideas for taking or drawing pictures with St. Paul:

  • At the dinner table
  • Driving the car
  • Where you sit to watch worship
  • Gardening
  • Playing soccer
  • Helping you write your letter

Ideas for what to share in your letter to St. Columba’s Church in Corona: 
You don’t have to answer all or any of these, they may just spark your thinking. You may write about whatever is on your heart and mind.

  • Who are quarantined with? Why those particular people?
  • What stories would you like to share with your fellow St. Columbans?
  • What challenges have you faced during our time in Corona isolation?
  • What joys have you experienced?
  • What advice would you share with other St. Columbans about getting along with your family?
  • What advice would you share about what to do when you get mad or frustrated?
  • What advice would you give others about how to have celebrations during quarantine?
  • Don’t forget to send greetings to others in St. Columba’s Church in Corona, just like St. Paul did!

How to record your St. Paul video:
We hope to compile a fun video after St. Paul’s summer journey to St. Columba in Corona. You can do this either with our traveling St. Paul or your own printout. Here are the basics, but feel free to embellish your basic video with any costumes, signs or silliness you dream up! Your video should be 5-10 seconds long.

Plan your video:

  • Who will be in it?
  • How will you film it - putting the camera on a stationary object or held by a person?
  • Where will you film it?
  • Think about lighting and what is behind you (nothing too busy or bright lights).
  • Basic “script.”
  • Have someone off camera to your left hand you St. Paul.
  • Welcome him to your home – verbally or with a sign of greeting.
  • Hand him to someone off camera to your right while waving or saying goodbye, thanks for coming, enjoy your trip, say hi to the others, etc.
  • Upload your video to this google drive folder:

Questions? Contact: Katie McGervey