November 20, 2018

Election Results

From the Nominating Committee ...

Thank you to all the candidates who ran for leadership roles at St. Columba’s this year! Election results are as follows:

Steve Smith and Abigail Gorman will serve as senior and junior warden, respectively.

Incoming vestry members:
Sara Glenn, Elizabeth Lewis, Michele Prince, and Harry Wood (incumbent).

Incoming vestry member serving unexpired term of retiring member:
Viviana Lopez Green

Diocesan delegates:
Chris Schumann, Annette Edwards and Deborah Kennedy Coster.

Diocesan delegate alternates:  
Robert Oetting and Patricia Riley.

All new leaders will be commissioned at an upcoming worship service.

Special thanks to Catherine Potter and Renee Schoof, who, though not elected in this cycle, continue to contribute to our parish in many valued ways. Thanks, also, to all those parishioners who cast their ballots.

We are grateful to the members of this year’s Nominating Committee for their prayerful work and commitment: Peter Coe, Ken DeCell, Susan Gray, Kent Nakamura, Michelle Radcliffe, Molly Reynolds, Allison Sheedy, and Ann Wakefield.

Joe Kolar and Len Kennedy
Co-chairs, Nominating committee