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July 12, 2017

Friday, July 21: Act To Protect Overseas Aid

Get ready to pray, fast, and act  on July 21st for US programs that save lives, alleviate hunger, promote health and respond to disasters around the world.

This month, the Church is highlighting foreign assistance and humanitarian aid. At less than one percent of the federal budget, it has saved millions of lives.

America has a longstanding bipartisan tradition of working to alleviate poverty and responding to humanitarian crises all around the world. In fact, we have made remarkable progress in reducing global poverty: during the past 30 years, rates of extreme poverty have been cut in half, and more progress is coming. We need to commit to sustained support for foreign and development assistance, at a time when it’s under threat.

JOIN US ... in preparing for prayer, fasting and advocacy in support of our country's critical foreign assistance and humanitarian aid programs.

PRAY for an end to extreme poverty and for an end to humanitarian crises, including famines, around the world ...

Dear God, You understand the needs of our broken world. Please guide us to share our time, talent, and wealth to help end extreme poverty, that we may deeply engage in our church's mission of global reconciliation. Amen.

(From Lifting Women's Voices: Prayers to Change the World)

FAST to raise awareness of the need to respond to human suffering and hunger no matter where it takes place.

SHARE on social media using #PrayFastAct and @TheEPPN. On the 21st, post a picture of a dinner place setting with the reason you are fasting this month.

HEAR Bishop Michael Curry's message.