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From the Rector’s Desk

  From the desk of ...
The Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin
  Rector of St. Columba's Episcopal Church
  Washington, DC

St. Columba's $30K, 30 Day Challenge
July 1, 2020

Join us as we embark on this exciting new Outreach ministry!

Committed to Becoming Anti-Racist
June 30, 2020

Through our Baptismal Covenant we have promised that "with God’s help, we will persevere in resisting evil, will seek and serve Christ in all persons, strive for justice, and respect the dignity of every human being." 

A Call to Prayer
June 2, 2020

"What can we do?" is a question many are asking in the midst of the ongoing heartbreak and racial injustice in our country. Here is a start.

As the Crisis Continues
May 12, 2020

As the crisis continues, St. Columba’s clergy and staff met, prayed, and identified several things we can do for one another ...

Charting a New Way to Live God's Love
May 7, 2020

Rector Ledlie Laughlin invites parishioners to a Rector's Forum on Sun., May 17 at 12 noon where plans for regathering as a church and guidelines put forward by Bp. Mariann will be discussed.

Welcome Cami!
Apr. 23, 2020

Rector Ledlie Laughlin welcomes Cami Caudill as St. Columba's new Missioner for Community Engagement. In this new role Cami will provide leadership for our current outreach, community engagement, and justice ministries.

More Important Than Ever
Mar. 19, 2020

Dear People of St. Columba's, As the world reacts and readjusts in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, so has St. Columba’s. Our mission to Live God’s Love is now more important than ever. St. Columba's continues to be the pastoral line and faith community that we have always been, just in new and innovative ways.

Putting Our Faith in God
Mon., Mar. 16, 2020
Dear Ones, The clergy of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington just received this updated directive from Bishop Mariann. Please know that our St. Columba's clergy and staff had just begun conversation about how we can best "be the church" should there be a lengthy shut-down.

On my Heart and Mind Right Now
Mar. 13, 2020

Dear Ones, You are very much on my heart and mind right now. When 9-11 occurred, I was serving a church in downtown Philadelphia ...

COVID-19 Update
Mar., 12, 2020

Dear Ones, As incidents of COVID-19 spread, I want to share decisions that your staff and I had been anticipating, that have been made by our bishop, Mariann Budde: Bishop Mariann Announces Two-Week Cancellation of Public Worship Services.

Meet our new Director of Children’s Ministries
Mar., 10, 2020

Dear Ones, I am thrilled to share joyful news: Katie McGervey has accepted my invitation to serve as our Director of Children’s Ministries. 

Love Can Spread Faster Than A Virus
Mar. 7, 2020

Dear Ones, My wife Sarah and I live not far from St. Columba’s. In the four-plus years we’ve been here, we’ve gotten to know all the neighbors on our block ...

Coronavirus Guidelines
Mar. 1, 2020

Dear Ones, I write to you as coronavirus continues to spread and concern in this country grows. Our church, and all Christians have a responsibility to care for one another, to not stoke fear but to respond reasonably and with regard for the safety of all, and to spread knowledge rather than rumors. Along those lines, here are some guidelines regarding worship at St. Columba's ...

Welcome Joshua Daniel
Feb. 6, 2020

Dear Ones, It gives me great joy to share the news that the Rev. Joshua Daniel, Ph.D., has accepted my invitation to join us as Associate Rector for Discipleship and Worship.

Resignation of D.C. Veale
Feb. 3, 2020

Dear People of St. Columba’s, It gives me no joy to report that I have accepted the resignation of our Director of Youth Ministry, Donald “D.C.” Veale, effective immediately.

Julia Berry's Retirement Announcement
Nov. 11, 2019

From Julia Berry, Head of the Nursery School
Dear families and friends, Thirty-four years ago, I began my career as a newly hired teacher at St. Columba’s ...

Jason’s Jamboree & Beyond – Differently Great
Oct. 23, 2019

Dear Ones, During the eight years since the Rev. Jason Cox joined the staff of St. Columba’s, he has exercised a wide variety of ministries and had occasion to support us in our own journey in faith. He has been among us as pastor, teacher, preacher, and guide.

Why Episcopal?
Oct. 1, 2019

Dear Ones, Recently overheard in the Common ...

A Letter from the Rev. Jason Cox
Sept. 23, 2019

I write to tell you that I have been called to serve as the next rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in San Francisco, California.

Children, Children Everywhere!
Sept., 12, 2019
Children, children everywhere! This is one of the great blessings of St. Columba’s. I write with updates from a number of parishioners who are playing a vital role in our children’s ministry.

Behind the Scenes
Aug. 22, 2019

An update from Karen Sprague, Director of Finance & Administration

On Our Hearts and Minds
Aug. 13, 2019

Greetings Dear Ones,
I hope these summer months are giving you opportunity to relax with friends or family, to enjoy God’s creation, to refresh and renew.

Exciting News for Children & Youth Ministries
July 9, 2019

Dear Ones, It is with great joy that I write to share news of our children and youth ministries.

A Matter of Safety
June 6, 2019

Dear Ones, I wish I could tell you that the decision to maintain the presence of a Metropolitan Police (MPDC) officer could be reached simply by looking through the lens of the Gospel and the love of God, but it is not that straightforward ...

Our Children's Ministry
May 30, 2019

Dear Ones, As announced, our Director of Children’s Ministry, Pattie Ames, has accepted a call to serve as the Christian Formation Missioner for the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia ...

A Conversation with the Rector & Wardens
May 16, 2019

Beloved in Christ, This Sunday you’re invited for “A Conversation with the Rector & Wardens” during the Forum – at 10:15 am, in the Great Hall ...

News from Pattie Ames
May 14, 2019

My St. Columba family, It is with many emotions that I announce my resignation ...

Safety Task Force
Apr. 9, 2019
Dear Ones, On May 5th, our Sunday Forum “Maintaining a Culture of Welcome in Times of Uncertainty,” will be led by Harry Wood and members of the Safety Task Force ...

Director of Youth Ministries Resigns
Feb. 7, 2019

Dear Ones, I write to let you know that Catherine Outten Olivo will be leaving us as Director of Youth Ministries. Here are her words, followed by mine ...

2019 Annual Pledge Campaign: A Remarkable Shift in the Culture of Gratitude
Jan. 29, 2019

Dear Ones, I’m very pleased to tell you that we’ve received $2,419,265 in pledges for our 2019 Annual Pledge Campaign. We haven’t reached similar numbers since 2007. To top that news, we’ve had 98 new pledging households step forward! This is an incredible accomplishment- it is a testament to the commitment of our parish to this church and a remarkable shift in the culture of gratitude ...

As the Shutdown Continues ... Our Parish Responds
Jan. 9, 2019

This shutdown is hard for many in our congregation and community. Federal employees, government contractors, family members, and others are feeling the strain. Some of you have told me that, even though you’ve lived through government shutdowns in the past, this time feels particularly scary ...