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September 28, 2017

Stewardship 2018

Our hands were empty and You filled them …

This offertory response from the Anglican Prayerbook of New Zealand has become familiar to St. Columbans. At the offertory, we reflect upon the many gifts that bless us – individually and as a parish family. Ideally, what we bring to the altar reflects our gratitude for these blessings.

As we share our time, talent and treasure with God and our community, our gifts are returned to us and multiplied. We are not giving so that St. Columba’s can “get stuff done,” but to thank God for what God has done. And as we create a culture of gratitude and giving, we change the world for the better.

Praising God looks like worship, music, art, liturgy and prayer. Praising God looks like serving meals, repairing houses, teaching and learning stories of the Bible, and caring for those who are sick. Through St. Columba’s programs and pastoral care, outreach and music, small groups and parish wide celebrations, we feed and are fed by each other. Our life together, our physical space, our leaders, staff, and many volunteers fill our hands and our souls every week.

To support our vibrant parish of continuous growth, we must be good Stewards of St. Columba’s. Each year, all our programs and ministries are funded by the gifts we give. And when we are good stewards of our parish, we realize the Kingdom of God. Our goal? The parish’s one hundred percent participation in Stewardship. We simply cannot get there without you.

By making a financial pledge to support St. Columba's in the coming year, we express gratitude for all the ways God and St. Columba's enrich our lives. Your Stewardship letter, brochure and pledge card will arrive in the mail soon. You can make a pledge anytime at or by returning your pledge card. We appreciate receiving your pledge by November 19th so that our vestry and staff can plan our programs and outreach for 2018.

Every gift counts. You count.
Thank you for your generosity.

Questions? Ask a clergy member or Stewardship leaders: Paul Barringer, Chris Luckett, Lisa Whelan

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