Senior Honoree

St. Columba's Senior Honoree nominations are solicited parish-wide every spring to help identify a senior to be honored for their distinguished service each year. The Episcopal Diocese of Washington, along with Seabury Resources, hosts an annual service at the Washington National Cathedral to acknowledge the contributions of older adults to their congregations and communities. Let us tell you about our special honoree for this year ...

Nancy Twist, 2018 Senior Honoree!

Did you ever wonder how much coffee and donuts St. Columba's serves that mass of parishioners every Sunday?

Nancy Twist has led the Coffee Hour Helpers for almost two decades, making sure that we get our weekly dose of tasty donuts, muffins and morning coffee ... so very important to so many in our large parish. Nancy takes charge of the shopping, she recruits volunteers and arrives early on Sundays to: receive the bakery order, brew the coffee and tea, and set up the service areas. Nancy calls her coffee service “a team sport” and she's got a core group – Linda Graham, Denis Andrejewski, Debbie DuSault and Thelma Triche – who help make it all happen each Sunday, giving a warm welcome to parishioners and newcomers, friends and families alike.

This is no small task over so many years. For her service to St. Columba's, Nancy was selected as our 2018 Senior Honoree, and she was recognized on April 24 at the Annual Senior Celebrations Service at the Washington National Cathedral. Each year, the diocese, along with Seabury Resources, brings together senior honorees from each parish to be recognized for their service to their parish or community. While Nancy has served in other capacities during her 30+ years at St. Columba's – including Sunday School and five years on the Finance Committee – she found her niche in coordinating the Coffee Hour Helpers.

So just how much coffee and donuts do we serve every Sunday?
Over 250 cups of coffee (plus tea and juice) and 21 dozen donuts & muffins!

Thank you Nancy Twist, for your decades of service to our parish!

Click here if you are interested in serving with this valued ministry.

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