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House Churches

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St. Columba's is launching a new worship opportunity, and we'd love for you to be involved! Very simply, the new initiative is to ask members of the parish to host small groups in their backyard for prayer and fellowship.

We imagine that this might look no more complicated than a small group of people sitting outside at an appropriate distance reading a scripture passage, listening to a sermon, saying a few prayers, and sharing in the Eucharist.

This Week at House Church

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Interested in participating in small group worship? Contact Joshua Daniel.

Organizing your House Church

Step One

Logistical Questions for Hosts to Consider

  • Where will you meet? In your backyard, in a park?
  • How many people will be able to meet there safely and comfortably?
  • When will you meet? (Any time after the Eucharistic elements are blessed until Sunday is appropriate.)
  • Will there be children there? (Please ask parents to consider ground rules.)
  • What will you provide (water, access to restrooms), what will you ask others to bring?
  • How will you play the sermon (video/audio or just audio)? Consider using an external speaker.
  • How will you have participants sign the Covenant for Regathering? Consider having copies available.

Pastoral Questions for Hosts to Consider

  • Think ahead of time what elements of the bulletin you will use and what, if anything, you might add.
  • Consider who you will ask to read (for instance) the Scripture.
  • Consider who might help MC a conversation about the sermon.
  • Consider what prayer time will be like. Some groups may go around the circle asking for thanksgivings and prayer requests. Some groups may read through the Prayers of the People  and allow time for the group to add in their own prayers.

Handling the Eucharist

  • Using one-time use, disposable cups (like “dixie cups”) for distributing the bread and wine

Step Two

If you would like your small group to participate in the Eucharist, Joshua Daniel invites you to a short community Eucharist on Thursdays at 7 pm in St. Columba's courtyard. At this service Joshua will consecrate additional bread and wine for you to take and share with your group. The church will supply the bread, please bring an unopened bottle of wine.

Please RSVP to attend this service at St. Columba's. If you can't attend, but would still like to have elements blessed for your group, please contact Joshua Daniel directly to coordinate dropping off/picking up supplies.

We worship a living God who calls us forth to renew our faith and live boldly for the time we are given. Some of you may be willing to attend House Church, but understandably may not be able to participate in this way. We give thanks for our church, that is vibrant in so many different ways. Thank you all for your gifts of wisdom, discernment, and service!