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Join us for presentations that stimulate our imagination about living the Christian life in this community, and in today’s changing world. Hear from our rector and lay leaders, as well as distinguished outside speakers on topics that challenge us on a wide range of current issues.

Upcoming Sunday Forums

Sun., Dec. 17

Decoration Sunday
Join in merriment and fun as we prepare the Church for Christmas! Meet in the Common at 10:15 am for an assignment.

Sun., Dec. 24 & Dec. 31

There will be no Sunday Forums on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Sun., Jan. 7

"How Can We Lift Up America's Tradition of Welcoming Refugees and Immigrants?"
Parishioners, Joanne Lin and Greg Chen discuss the plight of the refugees, immigrants and dreamers.
Today 65 million people are living in forced displacement, yet countries are making it more difficult for refugees and immigrants to gain entry or to remain where they are seeking a better life. (Church Nave)

Stirring the Waters: Series on Race

"What Must the White Church Do?”

With racial injustice alive and well, a truly Christian response is demanded of all of us. Join us as we wrestle with this question each week with the help of guest speakers.  

Sun., Jan. 14

Christine and Dennis Wiley, former pastors of Covenant Baptist UCC Church in southwest DC. (Church Nave)

Sun., Jan. 21

Brenda Girton-Mitchell, an ordained Baptist minister, serves as Minister for Stewardship and Missions at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Largo, MD. Founder of Grace and Race Ministries, Inc. (Church Nave)

Sun., Jan. 28

Colby King, columnist for the Washington Post, and his wife, Gwen, former Commissioner of the Social Security Administration. (Church Nave)

Sun., Feb. 4

"Reflections on the 'What Must the White Church Do?' Series"
(Great Hall)

Looking to Lent

Sun., Feb. 11

“Jesus in the Wisdom Tradition”
Vance Greenway, also known as Swami Chiderahmananda, a Hindu monk in the Vedanta school of Hinduism.
A re-examination of Christ in light of the ancient wisdom traditions and exploration of the unifying vision of the mystics within all traditions. (This Forum is an introduction to the course he will teach on Wednesday nights in Lent.) (Church Nave)