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Called to Action

Oh God, we pray that you will stir the waters, and agitate the sleepers of our world, who would rather justify injustice than fight against it. And give your people  your young warriors and crying mothers and broken fathers – the courage to accept nothing less than life. Help us to stand for truth, justice, and righteousness. Give us courage to make our witness against injustice in deep and abiding love. Amen.


Stirring the Waters

"A Ministry for Racial Justice that seeks to educate the parish and ourselves on issues of racial justice, and work to understand the impact of racism and racial inequality, confront white privilege, promote interracial dialogue and act against racial injustice."

Our Call to Action

Covid-19 and its profoundly inequitable impact on people of color has exposed the injustice of 400 years of oppression of brown and black people through slavery and the legacy of white supremacy. The unwarranted murder of Black men by the police has further exposed the impact of systemic institutionalized racism. Stirring the Waters is dedicated to achieving racial equity and supporting St. Columba’s in becoming an anti-racist church.  Doing so requires education, understanding and action on many levels. We invite you to join us. We need your support.

Visit our Stirring the Waters Resources for a compilations of books, articles, podcasts, etc. Like us on our Facebook page for more timely announcements of upcoming events and programs. Join us at our monthly meetings. For more information, contact ministry leaders Patty and Bill Jensen.

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Five Ideas for Action

1. Educate Yourself about Racial Justice and Systemic Racism

2. Talk with children and young adults

  • Talk with your kids and teens, and diversify their bookshelves.
  • Work with your local school. Find out how history is taught, buy books about People of Color, arrange for cultural ambassadors to classrooms, and ensure black educators are hired.

3. Work alone or with others

  • Sign petitions, send texts, write letters to protest racial injustice.
  • Join a list-serve for information about events in your community | SURJ
  • Join protests and prayer vigils.
  • Participate in Get-out-the-Vote campaigns. Consider travelling to other states where POC are on the ballot. Consider supporting groups that support voting rights and election reform e.g. Brennan Center for Justice, Rock the Vote, ACLU, Equal Citizen, Voter Participation Center.
  • Write about the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. Submit your reflection to the church to be compiled as a collective witness.
  • Evaluate how many people of color are employed in your work place, and where they are in the organizational chart. Work with your HR department for improvement.
  • Learn about a racial justice issue and write to your elected officials.
  • Seek other ideas and actions | What white people can do for racial justice

4. Join an Anti-Racism group

  • Join Stirring the Waters, St. C’s anti-racism ministry | Contact Patty and Bill Jensen 
  • Join other St. C's ministries that relate to anti-racism | See listing below
  • Develop a proposal for a significant racial justice-related project (Housing reform, Criminal justice reform, Legislature) | Contact Cami Caudill
  • Explore or recommend a partnership with a predominantly black church or group.

5. Donate to an organization that fights racism | Resources
Black Lives Matter
Black Youth Project 100
Color of Change
Equal Justice Initiative
George Floyd Memorial Fund
Nationwide Bail Fund
National Center for Civil and Human Rights
Southern Poverty Law Center
United Negro College Fund

Join Us

Regardless of which action you pursue, take time to pray for compassion for both the oppressor and the oppressed, as well as for patience and understanding – trusting in the Spirit as you begin your journey. For more information about Stirring the Waters Ministry, contact Patty and Bill Jensen.

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