Here at St. Columba’s, giving thanks to God by offering financial support is key to who we are and what we believe in. Explore the many paths of giving at St. Columba's via the links to the right, and what we mean by stewardship, below.


Our shared beliefs, values, experiences, and expectations together bind us as a community and form our cultural underpinning. We express this rich culture in our faith, our worship, our ministries, and our outreach.

All that is; all that we are; and all that we have, belong to the Lord who has given us dominion over them for safekeeping.   

As stewards, together we are invited to fulfill our mission through our collective acts, contribute and commit to using our time, talent and our treasures to dream, design and build a stable secure future for our St. Columba’s community together. 

We do this in gratitude to God and fulfillment of our destiny as children of God and disciples of Christ.

St. Columba’s is exploring our community’s stewardship practices. For more information, contact Niels Nielsen or Tinu Ige.


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