Alert: St. Columba's and all Episcopal Churches in the Diocese of Washington are currently closed until May 16, 2020. Find us online! more info »

Coronavirus Response

Our Building may be Closed, but our Parish is Alive!

As we are all now aware, St. Columba’s Church – with all worship, programs, and other activities – will be closed through May 16. While onsite activities and programs have been suspended due to our church closure, every effort is being made for groups to meet virtually when and where feasible.

Check out these online offerings:
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Opportunities for Prayer and Meditation

Join a Check-in Group:
Are you feeling alone, overwhelmed or even a little stir-crazy during this time of the coronavirus pandemic? Would you like to check in with others from St. Columba’s who may be feeling the same way and share what’s on your mind and your heart? Join a St. Columba’s Check-in Group today. Groups of approximately 6 people will meet weekly at a designated time using Zoom video conferencing. Complete our online form to let us know your availability, and you will be matched with others who would like to meet at the same time. Questions? Contact Michele Prince.

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Who to Call

A listing of who to call and where to get pastoral help is in the works. Please stay tuned! For the interim, here's a link to St. C's Staff Directory.

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Did You Know?

"Love can spread faster than a virus" Ledlie's thoughts on Coronavirus

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